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Birthday celebrations for Houses of Opportunity

We are very excited that House of Opportunity (HOP) Elbasan, Albania, will be able to take in young people very soon! The building promised by the municipality over a year ago is finally being renovated and is nearly ready. The team from A2B Albania have found a very capable House Manager and are in the process of recruiting House Parents. Staff and volunteers have received training from FSCI. The long wait is nearly over!

A recent highlight for HOP Niš, Serbia, which opened its doors last November, was that several TV channels came and filmed in order to broadcast an introduction to the project, including interviews with the young people. Six young people, four men and two women, are now part of the programme.

HOP Varaždin, Croatia, celebrated its first birthday on 1 February 2017! Six young people over the last year have benefitted hugely from the Programme. Danijela, the House Manager, is convinced: “From our perspective the House of Opportunity Programme has a very significant impact on the lives of its participants. For some of them this is a new beginning. Their lives are turned around completely. Before entering the HOP they lived in dysfunctional families – violence, alcoholism, poverty, hopelessness, on their own without support of an adult who would show them the right path and prepare them for the real world and an independent life.”