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Investing in the next generation – building on the last

By May 12, 2018June 15th, 2018Early Years Education

FSCI’s Early Years Education Programme has received support from the International Women’s Club (IWC) – Sofia, who are funding the basic costs of the Fakulteta kindergarten until March 2019. The IWC works in Bulgaria to meet the needs of marginalised groups and has a special place in the history of FSCI as their support was crucial in the early days of this organisation.

“When FSCI began funding was a real issue. Although we had vital support from the UK we were anxious to build support locally,” says Teodora Koleva, Director of FSCI Bulgaria. “IWC – Sofia were the fist Bulgarian organisation to recognise what were trying to achieve and make a financial commitment to the work. We are delighted that IWC are continuing to support community projects and very grateful that they have chosen to partner with us in Fakulteta, where we are looking to increase access to education for marginalised Roma families.”

Anna Illieva, the Manager of the Fakulteta kindergarten understands the issues the community faces and knows how valuable IWC’s support is. “Children are doing well with the curriculum with which we work. Parents are particularly pleased with the results and the development of their children. For us, it is very important to work with the parents as well by including them in monthly parent meetings and weekly group meetings to discuss important topics about how to develop the skills of the children. The support that we receive from the IWC is extremely important to us. The kindergarten represents three years of precious work and it is particularly important that this process does not stop.”