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So, start again

By September 4, 2019April 12th, 2021House of Opportunity, Stories

Tia has a chance to come out from the shadow of depression, neglect and abandonment that has followed her all her short life.

Born into a family blighted by alcoholism, removed into foster care at the age of five, moved on again from that family at the age of fifteen, two years with a new family before her foster mother’s severe illness meant Tia was faced with having no family at all; it’s no surprise that Tia struggles with her mental health and a deep rooted unhappiness.

Not yet 18 years of age, Tia is now in the House of Opportunity in Niš, but life is still a challenge. The old addictions of her family continue to wreak havoc; her biological father recently passed away and although she is trying to rebuild some sort of relationship with her mother, she knows that she was, and will continue to be, less important to her mum than the next drink. Tia has her dreams, but she struggles to follow through on decisions, her commitment levels are not yet what they need to be.

The House of Opportunity team are working with Tia every day – practical help with school work, building self-confidence, encouraging good work habits, trying to develop a new attitude to life. Tanya, who is the director of House of Opportunity in Serbia, says “We strongly believe, nobody comes to us without a reason, and we are trying to provide the best individual support for each young resident. Tia has been through so much, but with support she can succeed and build something new and meaningful”.

Tia has enjoyed a holiday during the summer – her first ever visit to the seaside! She also expressed a desire to learn to play the guitar. The team bought her a second-hand guitar and she has eagerly begun learning and practicing. There are signs that she is beginning to embrace the possibilities of life in the House.

After a childhood filled with false starts and dashed hopes, Tia faces a familiar feeling; that of trying to find a way forward after her world has fallen apart. But at House of Opportunity, something is new. There is hope. So, start again.

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