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A vote for Tanya can help our work in Serbia

Our partner organisation in Serbia, Centar Zvezda, is led by Tatjana Drazilovic (Tanya, pictured 5th from left), who has been working very hard to support vulnerable young people through the House of Opportunity programme.

Her efforts have been recognised by a Serbian digital media company called Ringier Axel Springer. Tanya is one of ten nominees for their 2020 Woman of the Year award. There is now an open vote to decide the winner of the award, and this is where we need your help.

Please would you vote for Tanya? This will help to build Centar Zvezda’s profile, draw attention and support for the House of Opportunity Programme, and recognise the hard work that has been put in by Tanya and her team over the last year.

Voting is simple:
Send an e-mail to, with the subject heading Tatjana Drazilovic.

The closing date for votes is 21.03.2021.

Thank you!