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A place for my daughter

By August 23, 2021August 24th, 2021Early Years Education, Stories

Little Alexandra has a big problem with her heart. Regular kindergarten wasn’t an option, but she is welcome at Beginning of Life’s Early Education Centre. Here, her mother shares their story.

My name is Viorica Ababii. My daughter, Alexandra, is five years old and has serious heart defects which threaten her life. She has already undergone seven difficult operations in Chisinau and Kiev, but because of the pandemic we are locked down in the process of the treatment.  

We searched for a place where my daughter could socialise, play and develop like other children, but due to her illness, she was not able to attend regular kindergartens. We became participants in the early child education centre run by Beginning of Life about four years ago.

Alexandra has a weakened immune system, so I like the fact this Centre allows me to stay, so I can continue to monitor her health. No other centre would give us such opportunities. It is very important for us not to miss classes, because we really need them for her development, and it is very important that she lives her childhood in such a healthy atmosphere of acceptance and care. The centre has a lot of toys, educational material, wonderful surroundings and people who surround us. There are useful and important lessons for both children and parents. In the lessons for mothers, I learned a lot about what my child is like, what she needs.

Our family has to spend a lot of money on medicines for our daughter, about five thousand lei (€250) each month. My husband attempted to find work abroad, not only was this very difficult for him, it was also very difficult for Alexandra and me, so he is now back at home and works at an agricultural tool shop.

I am a social worker for the elderly and I have to take Alexandra with me to this job because she is unable go to a regular kindergarten with her illness. Recently, new conditions have been set for me in my job and I will be required to send my child to kindergarten. This is absolutely forbidden for Alexandra, as it is dangerous to her health. I hope that in the near future we will be able to go to Kiev for an operation when the borders and crossing conditions open.

Today we are glad that we have the opportunity to visit the early development centre, we can grow up together and continue to live in a normal way, doing everything possible for Alexandra’s happy childhood, because we do not know how long God will give her life. Thank you for offering us this chance to feel engaged and happy.