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So far to go

By January 10, 2022February 1st, 2022Building Resilience in Vulnerable Communities, Stories

Olga is home now, but she has a long way to go.

Olga is reconnecting with her daughters after abandoning them with their grandmother for years. She is learning to show love to two girls who never received her love before. She is having to be patient as they get to know her. She is learning to be a parent.

She is trying to rebuild a relationship with her mother after years of coming and going, leaving her children behind. She is dealing with questions about her past, where she was for all those years, about the fathers of her children. She is dealing with doubts about her commitment to the future of her family.

She is trying to find a way to earn some money to pay the bills.

She is learning to trust the team at Beginning of Life, FSCI’s partners in Moldova. She is wondering if the programme she is part of can really help her. Can she break the patterns of her past? Can she win a place in her children’s hearts? Can she convince her mother that she will stay this time? She hopes that she can, but even though she is home now, there is still so far to go.