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Support for Ukrainian families sheltering in Moldova from the war at home

Supporting Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and beyond

House of Opportunity partners Beginning of Life are providing for immediate needs and delivering long-term solutions for families affected by the war

Moldova is now home to tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine. Most are children with mothers and many elderly, the men having stayed behind to fight. Moldova is a small, poor country that can ill-afford the demands being placed upon it by a crisis with no end in sight.

Our partner in Moldova, Beginning of Life, was engaged early in the crisis by the Department of Social Protection to support the national response to the huge number of people seeking safety from the war. Beginning of Life (BoL) is now providing specialist services for Ukrainian refugee children and their mothers and interventions for teenagers. 

In addition, BoL is running Humanitarian Aid into Ukraine and coordinating with partners in the war-torn country to get food and much-needed supplies to communities and families.

House of Opportunity also supports the refugee work of its partners elsewhere in SE Europe.