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House of Opportunity Programme

Preventing human trafficking and exploitation of at-risk young people
in Southeast Europe

Video introduction to the House of Opportunity Programme

How Houses of Opportunity work

At its simplest level, the Programme provides three things:

Somewhere safe to stay    Good people to be with    Something useful to do

The House of Opportunity is a residential training programme that equips vulnerable young people with the skills they need to live successful, independent lives through:

House parents that provide each of our residents with individual care and support in a small, family style home.

Training in healthcare, cooking, budgeting and IT – enabling residents to learn essential life skills.

Education support. A completed basic education is vital for finding employment and building a secure future.

Providing House residents with training, work experience and jobs through local employers and social enterprises.

Where are the Houses of Opportunity?


One House in Elbasan
Operating Partner: A2B


One House in Comrat
Operating Partner:
Beginning of Life


Two Houses in Sofia, another planned
One House in Burgas
One House in Varna
Operating Partner:
Foundation for Social Change & Inclusion


One House in Belgrade
One House in Kragujevac
One House in Niš
Operating Partner: Centar Zvezda


One House in Varaždin, another planned 
Operating Partner: Hocu Život


Ten Houses operating
Two in early planning stages

House of Opportunity in numbers

No. of young people currently in Houses of Opportunity
No. of House residents currently in employment
No. of House residents currently in education
Confidence of young people entering programme
Confidence of 120+ surveyed House of Opportunity Programme entrants in their ability to handle independence on a scale 0-10.
Confidence of young people graduating programme
Confidence of 120+ surveyed House of Opportunity Programme graduates in their ability to handle independence on a scale 0-10.

More numbers and statistics from Houses of Opportunity

Experience of employment before entering House of Opportunity
Employment experience of 204 young people entering House of Opportunity.
Employment levels of former House of Opportunity residents
Employment status of 64 House of Opportunity leavers one year after leaving the programme.
Income levels of House of Opportunity leavers
Do House of Opportunity leavers (64) make enough money to live independently one year after leaving the programme?
Where do our House of Opportunity leavers live now?
Where 64 House of Opportunity leavers are living one year after exiting the programme.

Stories from our Houses of Opportunity

Krasi’s story

Abandoned into care and left to find his own way in life with no guidance, Krasi’s childhood was tough. He could have ended up on the street, struggling to survive and at high risk of being exploited, shut off from the possibility of a normal life. Here he tells the story of how the House of Opportunity Programme changed his life.

Most state care leavers have no money, little education, no family and no idea about life outside an institution. With few options, many fall into crime and prostitution or become victims of human traffickers.

What’s next for our Houses of Opportunity?

We would love to expend the programme in Southeast Europe. Here are some base costs.

There are currently 10 Houses of Opportunity in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova and Serbia. There are also plans to develop HOPs with our partners in Macedonia and Greece (where the programme may be adapted for helping unaccompanied young refugees). Each House of Opportunity costs between €27,500 and €40,000 a year to run, depending upon which country and city it is based.

Sofia typical costs (monthly)
Rent: rent-free agreement*
Staff salaries: €1,385
Food for residents: €375 (5 residents)
Utilities: €250

Serbia typical costs (monthly)
Rent: €350
Staff salaries: €1,500
Food for residents: €500 (5 residents)
Utilities: €285

*We seek rent-free apartments from municipal authorities wherever we operate, but where the need is great and we have good partners we will rent suitable property.

Will you consider supporting the House of Opportunity Programme?

House of Opportunity Funding Partners

We are grateful to receive support for the House of Opportunity Programme from:


Would your organisation support the House of Opportunity and help to prevent modern slavery?


Would you partner with us to help provide brighter futures for vulnerable young people?

You can find out more about the need for Houses of Opportunity, and how they work, here.