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The Kreka family needs our help

Family of our volunteers in Albania recovering after fire severely damages their home

Xhevo & Nadi Kreka are dedicated volunteers that give their time to help the young people in the House of Opportunity in Elbasan, Albania. A devastating fire broke out in their apartment in February, causing a great deal of damage and destroying all their personal property.

Xhevo received some slight burns on his arms as he was bringing his youngest daughter out of the blaze, but otherwise the family is physically well.

However, the total loss of all their belongings and the destruction wrought in the apartment means they are facing a very difficult period. Monthly premiums for Fire Insurance in Albania are way above what the average family can afford, so the majority of houses and apartments there are uninsured. The Kreka family is not well off and the cost of the work to make the apartment habitable and to replace the essentials they have lost is well out of their reach. Family and friends are doing all they can to help, but their resources are limited.


The family is staying with Xhevo’s elderly parents in their two bedroom apartment.

Work has now begun on repairing the family’s apartment. The companies supplying the materials need for the repairs and those doing the work have agreed to give the family up to four months to pay. In addition, the apartment will need furnishing and re-equipping after the complete loss suffered in the fire.

House of Opportunity was able to transfer €2,500 last month thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We will be able to transfer a similar amount again soon. The money goes through our partner organisation, A2B Albania, who are helping the Kreka family in whatever way they can with resources and people.

If you would like to help the Kreka family recover from this disaster, you can donate online via the button below.
Thank you.