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Early Years Education Programme

Opening the school door for marginalised children

No school, no future

Hundreds of thousands of Roma children live in extreme poverty throughout South Eastern Europe, with the majority living in communities where prostitution and criminal exploitation are rife. Thousands of Roma families cannot get access to crucial kindergartens for their children, who then fail in the school system and are condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion; their communities becoming like traps.

Opening the school door

Our Early Years Education Programme consists of special kindergartens tailored to individual communities. By working with the whole family we aim to inspire them about learning, opening a vital pathway into education for marginalised children.

Video introduction to the Early Years Education Programme

How the Early Years Education Programme works

Specialist Teams

A blend of experience and local community knowledge is essential


Basic literacy, numeracy and creative play to prepare for primary school


Equipping families to keep their children learning and growing in confidence and ability


Encouraging participation and promoting the value of education in their community