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Development & Impact Programme

Increasing social change and inclusion across Southeast Europe

Things can be different

The legacy of communism and failed political reform has left Southeast European states with shared social and economic challenges. In 2015 we embarked upon a programme of partnership with like-minded organisations throughout the region – helping them to effect positive change in their countries.

Thinking big

We are rolling out our proven programmes to demonstrate that effective change which benefits vulnerable people can be made when communities, NGOs, businesses and governments work together.

To make our plans a sustainable reality we need to raise substantial funds. By partnering with us as a donor, you could help us to make a step-change and realise better futures for vulnerable people throughout the whole of Southeast Europe.

An introduction to our Development & Impact Programme

How it works


Identifying and working with like-minded organisations in the region, building partnerships to help us realise our shared vision

Capacity building

We help our partner organisations to grow their confidence and professional skills, becoming better advocates and deliverers of change


Replicating the House of Opportunity and Early Years Education Programmes with specialised training, support and access to funding


Measuring impact and demonstrating the effectiveness of the programmes brings “buy-in” from governments, businesses and communities

Our Partners

We are very excited to be partnering with organisations throughout Southeast Europe.