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11,724 Christmas presents reached people in need

By January 15, 2017August 8th, 2017Christmas Box Appeal

The festive season has passed but we want to tell you all about our 2016 Christmas box appeal.

Working together with our partners from The Trussell Trust we reached thousands of people who live in extreme poverty to bring warmth and hope into their lives at a time of year that so often serves to remind many just how marginalised and excluded they are from mainstream society.

We have been organising this project for eight years and although every year has seen the number of presents and volunteers increase, this year was exceptional. Thousands of presents were donated by our friends in the UK. These wonderful little boxes of joy were prepared by school children and their families, businesses, churches, community groups and individuals from all over England and Wales. They were then carefully sorted, arranged in categories and packed appropriately for their trip to Bulgaria by over 500 volunteers and the Trussell Trust team (see the video here).