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The late, really late, Christmas Box Appeal

By June 3, 2021August 31st, 2021Christmas Box Appeal

After a long delay, FSCI is very glad to be able to say that all your donated Christmas boxes are now in Bulgaria!

“We’re very pleased that the Christmas boxes have been shipped, even if they are rather late!”, say Rich Parsons, FSCI’s Operations Manager. “We’ve had some delays in the UK, including warehouse issues, coping with COVID restrictions, and Brexit confusion around the shipping of Humanitarian Aid. Thankfully, a way around the last problem has been found, and God willing, we shall be back to normal this coming Christmas. We want to say a big thank you to everyone for your donations, time and patience!”

The Christmas boxes arrived in Sofia on May 22, and were met by a large, enthusiastic team, who unloaded and sorted the presents for onward shipping around Bulgaria. Boryana Madzhova, from FSCI Bulgaria, told us, “We are used to the cold and wet of early December, but here we were, unloading Christmas presents in the hot sunshine! It was a holiday weekend here in Bulgaria, so we are grateful for the volunteers that gave their time to help”.

The Christmas boxes are now being distributed to children and families throughout Bulgaria. Some presents were distributed on June 1, which is National Children’s Day in Bulgaria. You can see a few photos from one of the schools visited here. Boxes are also being given out in rural villages and Roma communities, as well as kindergartens and special homes for young people with serious disabilities.

You can keep up with the latest news of distributions on our Facebook page, or our YouTube channel.