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My family will be different

By January 11, 2022February 1st, 2022House of Opportunity, Stories

Antonela took a chance when she joined the House of Opportunity in Varaždin, Croatia. She is so glad that she did. With such an unhappy and difficult childhood, Antonela wants to make sure that her own children are loved and wanted. Now that she is finding out about parenthood for herself, Antonela writes about her feelings on family, love and faith.

I have been separated from my parents since my early childhood. Due to their poor financial situation and bad relationship, they could not take care of me and my brothers. The parting was hard, I wanted to be their little girl.

My brothers and I were placed in different foster families. I spent twelve years in two families. Those were years of suffering, pain, unrest, sadness… It was too difficult for such a little girl. What I was going through then, I would never wish on anyone. The worst possible experience for one girl. I made up my mind that my family would be different.

My agony ended when I turned 18. I briefly returned to my biological father, but I could not stay there due to poverty. I found out about the House of Opportunity, talked to the leaders and decided to give myself a new chance. I did not regret it, on the contrary, this was a real family that I had often imagined. Mutual respect, support, understanding, learning, warmth, love… I was finally happy.

I am grateful for the three full years spent in the project where I learned a lot about myself, realised that my value lies in God, and that is the most important thing. I met a young man I fell in love with. After a while I moved in with him and his family who accepted me very well. And she was born – my greatest love, Tena – my little girl. My dream, my everything. I am so fulfilled, happy and thankful to God.