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The brightest stars

By March 17, 2023House of Opportunity

Here at House of Opportunity, when we organise a gathering of stars, we’re not thinking Hollywood…

Center Star, our Serbian partner organisation, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Belgrade on March 12th. Among those gathered at the event were House of Opportunity Programme residents past and present, many of whom took an active role in the evening.

“There has been a lot of commitment from so many people these last 10 years”, says Tanya Drazilovic, Director of Center Star. “It has taken a lot of love, because sometimes it feels like a fight to provide the help that is needed for young people in real need. It has been a great joy to see 76 young people, our stars, go through the House of Opportunity Programme. We would like to thank all the people who have helped us so selflessly these last years, and we thank the guests, helpers and supporters who made our celebration such a wonderful event. All of this would not be possible without you, but we are all eager to do more. Many thanks from the heart and together we will continue to help all the young people in need”.

Rich Parsons, House of Opportunity’s Operations Manager, “It really was heartening to see so many of the young people who have been through the Serbian House of Opportunity Programme gathered in one place. To see former House residents together with their own children and families, and think back to what they have been through in their lives, and how hard they have worked to get here, was very special. Some of these young people would not be alive if it wasn’t for Tanya and her team, and many others would have probably gone on to endure a great deal of misery if they had not been given the opportunity for something better. A great deal of love, effort and prayer has been put into the lives of these young people, and when you see them celebrating together like this – it really shows!”

We look forward to seeing how bright these stars will burn in the future.

The House of Opportunity Programme helps to prevent young state and foster care leavers from being trafficked throughout Europe or falling into extreme poverty and the desperate choices that follow. There are now three Houses in Serbia, in Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac, with a fourth being planned. Would you like to support the House of Opportunity Programme, and help more young stars?