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Summer camp fun

By July 20, 2023July 21st, 2023Summer Camps

Summer Camps

There’s a long tradition of summer camps in Southeast Europe. They were popular all through the years of communism, with large numbers of children attending beach holidays and activities in the mountains. Most of our partner organisations still run summer camp programmes of their own, adapted to the needs of the children, families and young people in the programmes that they run all year round. Summer 2023 has been very busy so far…

A2B run a series of camps in July each year for children from very poor families in collaboration with teams of volunteers from Albania and other countries.

Residents of from Houses of Opportunity in Bulgaria came together to enjoy a few days of activities, workshops and relaxation in the mountains of Vratsa. They also visited the Youth Prison to work with the young men there.

Our partners, Hoću Život, ran their family summer camp on the coast, where 110 people enjoyed the sun and sea, including Ukrainian refugees.

The camps and clubs organised by Beginning of Life this year have hosted Ukrainian refugee families as well as Moldovans, in an effort to help them take a break from the constant work and struggle of exile from their war-torn homeland.