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We urgently need your help

By November 1, 2023Appeal

Your support is vital

I hope you find the stories and news that we share encouraging. This is the difference House of Opportunity can make. The difference that you can make.

Positive, life-changing, long lasting. Genuine impact for good.

But times are very tough. House of Opportunity urgently needs more money so that we and our partners can carry on the important work that we are doing.

I rarely appeal directly like this, but we need extra help right now. Costs are rising. The people we help are in greater need than ever. Our resources are running out.

Please, click on the Donate button below. Every little helps. Act now. Don’t wait.

You may not be able to spare more than the price of a cup of coffee each month, but truly, every little helps, it really does!

With my thanks,

Chris Mould
Chief Executive