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Life changing family

By January 21, 2024January 26th, 2024House of Opportunity, Stories
The drug’s didn’t work for Ledio. Time to try another approach.

Life in southern Albania can be bleak. Not many jobs, relentless corruption, isolated populations and criminals that look to exploit the poverty found in the villages and towns for their own profit. Ledio grew up in such a place. As a teen, he became addicted to the drugs peddled by the local dealers. They seemed to offer an escape from the pitiful circumstances of his poor family.

Young Ledio took ever more drugs, and one day he overdosed with fatal consequences. After being resuscitated, Ledio decided that he would never use drugs again. He turned to faith, and looked for help in changing his life. Connected through the church network Ledio was able to join the House of Opportunity in Elbasan.

Ledio’s childhood home lacked almost all the normal facilities modern life provides, so he spent some time getting used to washing machines, cookers and showers. He learned to cook and take care of himself, his room, the House.

Ledio applied himself and took a vocational electrical course, which he passed. Now, he was ready to take on the world! Together with a cousin, Ledio rented an apartment in Tirana and then got a job at a service warehouse for electrical appliances. But he is not yet content yet – his dream is to become a fully qualified electrician. The House of Opportunity team continue to support Ledio where they can, and he is not afraid to seek advice or ask for help, knowing that he will get it. Ledio loves to visit the House of Opportunity and he often makes the short trip to Elbasan from the capital, and he sometimes stays for the weekend. As Ledio says, “This is my home – my family that changed my life.”